How to Ask for Referrals and Get More Clients

Referrals have long been one of the top ways businesses use to grow. Entrepreneurs rely more and more on their networks and other resources to market their products and services. It is very important to develop a referral system in your marketing plan if you want your business to grow. Many of those running their own business make the mistake of not bothering with referrals. They assume their clients will pass a good word of mouth about them.

The problem with being less proactive when it comes to asking for referrals is that you stand to miss out on one of the most effective ways of getting more clients. Referral leads cost less and generate very high conversions. If you want to save your marketing dollars and increase your response rate, then you must develop a proactive referral program. Here’s how to go about it.

Have a referral request mindset

The first thing you need to have is to get into the habit of asking for referrals by overcoming your fears. You can do so in different ways. Remember that people are willing to help others if there is no negative cost associated with the same. Remind yourself that the worst that can happen is just a -no, and that is not something very terrible.

Choose your referral request method

There are different methods you can use for referrals. These include lead forms, business cards, email, shareable links, social media among others. Note that though social media seems easier to go about it, it is also the least effective and converting. You can make referrals to be part of your email and social media marketing campaign.

Use a referral request script

Up until that time when asking for referrals has become a habit and you are comfortable with it, then you need to write a script that you should always follow. You are not making a speech. All you need when asking for referrals is to be sincere, brief, and direct in your approach. You can also give some of your business cards to your clients so that they can share it with others.

Follow best practices

When asking for referrals, there are different best practices you can include to increase your chances of success. Always ask for referrals face to face. It will not only be respectful to your clients but will also prove to be more successful. People are more likely to do something for someone if the request is personalized. Additionally, consider offering an incentive for successful referrals. You should never ask for referrals when presenting a bill. The time that you bare asking for referral also presents an excellent way to ask the client for a testimonial.

Note that practice makes perfect. Never let fear and doubt come into your mind and derail the process of building your business. Referrals will generate you a lot of revenue from new clients and the more referrals you can ask, the more you will get. People only stop after asking for just one referral. Push hard to ask for as many referrals as possible and ensure you track all your referrals.

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